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Why should I learn Spanish?

There are reasons enough. In nearly all countries in Central and South America Spanish is the native language. Your motives for learning a foreign language may be curiosity about an interesting country and its culture, or perhaps the wish to work in another country.

You need Spanish:

For your holiday

Spain, Majorca, the Canary Islands and the Dominican Republic are among the most popular holiday destinations. The ability to speak Spanish means that you will be to communicate better and get more out of your holiday. Even although you only are thinking about speaking the language you will also profit from a little bit of grammar. Don't let the word "grammar" scare you!

For your studies

Do you have to prepare for an exam? I will supplement and expand your knowledge. Together we can make it!

For your general education

Learn much more about other cultures and their history! Or give your children the opportunity to learn Spanish as early as possible with a native speaker. Children are able to grasp a language automatically and as a matter of course. With my help and teaching methods your child will be able to master one of the most widespread languages in the world with perfect pronunciation. You won't regret it!

For confident negotiating skills

Do you have customers in Spain or Latin America? A firm knowledge of the language is the basis for perfect negotiations with your business partners. You will be able to establish more profitable trading relations with your customers. I will give you professional and intensive preparation in both written and oral correspondence or will even do it for you.

Enrich your life, learn Spanish!